John Balnaves

Front End Developer


Pushcart Website

Pushcart Coffee

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Responsive Design, PHP

I designed and coded this custom website for Pushcart Coffee. The business objective was to build a simple "business card" website with a friendly user interface incorporating responsive design.

The homepage features a looping slideshow of images, viewable on both desktop and mobile. The navigation is designed to be clean, using 3 main categories and drop-down tabs to navigate to a specific subject within each category. On mobile, the navigation condenses to a tap and push-down menu.

bORT84 Website

bORT84 Tumblr

HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design

I designed and coded my personal Tumblr blog. Black and white photography is an interest of mine, so I have linked Tumblr via my Instagram feed, bort84.

Desktop and tablet (landscape) displays 4 images per row and has an endless scroll plugin that automatically loads the images as you scroll. Tablet and phone (landscape) displays 2 images per row and phone (portrait) displays 1 image per row. Mobile uses a next/previous button to navigate.

About Me

I am a front end web developer from London, living in Brooklyn, New York. Graduate of General Assembly New York.

I build websites using HTML, CSS, jQuery and responsive design that personally fit to each brand and can deliver on your UX goals.

While my focus is on web development, I offer web design services in order to deliver a comprehensive solution to building your website.

Besides coding, I love to play/follow Football(Soccer), hang out with my wife in Brooklyn, take hikes and photography.


If you would like to get in touch regarding a job or project opportunity please feel free to contact me:


Phone: (347) 564-9973